FamilyFrame is an online self-paced training built around the core elements of Family Therapy (FT). This training uses video-based modeling with each module including brief didactic information on a selection of the FT techniques and a 5-8 minute video vignette featuring therapists re-enacting real life FT sessions with youth clients and their families. The vignette is followed by a short coding activity focusing on the recognition and rating of extensiveness of FT techniques plus immediate feedback providing evidence for which techniques were displayed. The course includes 25 modules that each take about 15 minutes to complete. 

Within the materials tab, you can find a PDF version of the FamilyFrame handbook which provides a more in depth description of each of the FT techniques. You may refer to this at any time as you navigate through the course. 


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Course Includes

  • 26 Lessons
  • 150 Topics